Also known as "The First Of His Name". Tony was the 2nd editor hired at TWiT. He started as a part time editor for the month of May in 2008. He became a full time employee after a month and was the supervising production manager at TWiT.

Prior to TWiT, Tony worked at a design studio producing ceramic ware for clients like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, FTD Flowers, and Starbucks.

Tony loves cars and bikes (the kind with a motor, not pedals) and has been known to drive or ride to SF and shoot street photography when he's bored.

Being an editor, Tony is rarely ever seen or heard from on TWiT broadcasts. He spends most of his time crammed in a corner of the TWiT Brick House, editing all of the podcasts in order to get them out on time.

Here's what others have to say about Tony:
"Lover of cat videos and mechs." -Derrick C.
"Lover of mechanized cats." -Jeff S.
"Breaker of camera mirrors." -Nicole S. Y.
"Bringer of corm ice cream." -Dr. Kiki. S.
"Tony Wang doesn't use G+ even though he totally does." -Nicole L.
"Tony, edit this out." -Justin Y.