~~275 degrees of Christmas~~

So I was driving last night around 12am. There was only 1 car on the freeway with me.
I was coming off an onramp merging from 24 to 580/80. Doing about 60 when out of no where, I felt my car faint to the left.. I looked down and didn't see the traction control come on... So I correct my steering accordingly.. and the car kept on sliding.
I ended up doing a 275 in my lane. missing the cement wall and the car in the next lane. There was a point when I thought I was gonna hit the wall, I think it was when I was sliding backwards..
You hear people say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. I can tell you that that's not true. I would say its whatever you were doing before that comes to mind. And its funny how things and people pop into your head as well..

Moral of the story.
Be nice to your guardian angel.
Don't panic in any sort of emergency situation.
The second you panic, you loose control.
And never give up ( I learned this from my instructor from BMWCCA Car Control Clinic.
He said that when you loose control, keep on looking where you wanna go and your body will do the rest, he was right)

Drive safe everybody.