a short blurb about riding

yI've dedicated this blog to automotive news. But I'd like to take some time and talk about what's been going on this weekend. This weekend was the first weekend of Spring. And browsing on BARF (www.bayarearidersforum.com), there's so many fatal accidents involving motorcycles and cars. It really made me wonder if riding was the right choice to make. I know its an expensive and dangerous mode of transportation and sport. But I have to admit that riding is definitely addictive. The adrenaline you get from riding is incomparable. I guess its the need for speed in all of us riders that calls us out there to ride. The feeling that nothing else matters when you're riding, and the freedom that you get is pretty much as close as you can get to flying as humanly possible.. I guess its sorta like sky diving..except you're going horizontally instead of vertically.
There were at least 2 seperate fatalities this weekend. We'll never know exactly what happened, but with these kind of accidents, its usually rider error amplified due to excessive speed. I know its really easy to go fast on a bike, but we all have to restrain ourselves from twisting that throttle all the time. I know I don't have any readers on my blog, but if you happen to ride and you read this, or if you know a friend who rides, please remind them how fragile life is and that it can end in a blink of an eye, or a twist of a throttle...

R.I.P. to all the riders lost this weekend.