BMW gets srs...

O Hai everybody
I haven't blogged in a long ass time. so I'm back for good now.

Lets see... news in internal combustion..
BMW is srsly srs aboue their RR race bike.
The S 1000 RR is a litre inline-4 w/ transversely mounted engine. I find it amusing that they're using Yamaha R6 bodyworks on the test mule bike. Gotta love the all carbon fibre bodywork.

I wonder what prompted BMW to jump into the superbike racing arena...
But it looks like it wont be long before another German automaker does the same.

VW still has motorcycle on the back burner.

"I would still like a small, valuable motorcycle manufacturer," says the 71-year-old Peich (charman of VW)
He still wish he had purchased Ducati in 1985.
I'll be the first in line at the VW motorcycle dealer when they bring the GX-3 into production

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