i drive myself crazy..drive myself crazy...

wow its been a long time since I last blogged.. well twitter is down right now and I really need to blog.

Time for some news about my own vehicles. Found out today that the corolla(AE86)'s fender can't be rolled easily without deforming the shape.. due to the construction too well and strong. There's 2 sheets of metal bolted/welded together. So no can has rolling of the fenders for the panda.

BMW(323i)'s clutch continues to wear out... not sure how much longer it'll last. I'm hoping at least another year. So I can has time to save up for my next car (STi?)

well.. lets see.. toyota spent $200,000 on a prototype aygo.. the Aygo Crazy (i go crazy) Very clever name play. Would I go crazy if they sold this car here? no worry kids, they'll never make this Aygo in production. Cuz it'll cost too much and perform too well (MPG and MPH) It would make the Prius look bad.
All I can say is that econ tuned performace cars ftw.
here's a closer look at what Toyota spent their Yens on

What happens when you take a mundane Toyota Aygo microcar and mate it to the go-fast parts of a Toyota MR2? You get the Aygo Crazy (Get it? I-Go-Crazy). While this one-off concept will never see production, it does offer us car nuts some insight as to what fun manufacturers can have with automotive inbreeding and some serious coin.

At best, the stock Toyota Aygo putts around with a 1.0-liter gasoline engine under its front hood that is good for about 67 horsepower, and a 14-second crawl to 60 mph. The engineers at Toyota spent about £100,000 (close to $200,000) ripping the wheezer out and replacing it with a mid-mounted turbocharged 1.8-liter engine. With the new powerplant cranking out 197 horsepower, and a manual transmission sending it to the rear wheels, the 2,200-pound Aygo Crazy sprints to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. If the go-pedal is held to the floor, the genetic experiment will top out at an estimated 127 mph.

Not to leave the job half-done, Toyota flared the bodywork and added a wheel/tire package to accommodate the power. The interior has been fitted with a cage, racing seats, harnesses and a Sparco steering wheel. The seats and doors have also been trimmed in suede and leather. According to those who have driven the Aygo Crazy, the balance of the car has been upset with the engine now mounted over the rear wheels. Snap oversteer is the rule -- much like in another econocar-turned-mid-engine-monster from 1990.

In conclusion.. toyota you suck when you killed the MR2/S and Celica.
Not that either of those cars were the greatest performers..
Now go redeem yourself by making a lovechild with Subaru.

If you're thinking about getting a Prius, think again.