the Good joojoo

unless you've been living under the tech news rock for the past few days, you've already heard about thejoojoo formerly the "CrunchPad"

JooJoo Hands On Demo from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Well its finally here and most people say they're underwhelmed. But I'm actually looking forward to this device since its priced very reasonabily. At a bit higher than netbooks and e-readers, you get a 12 inch capacitive screen which nobody else has. Most if not all tablet netbooks are resistive touch screens.
Keep in mind that e-Readers are about $400 for a nice Sony one so $499 for this joojoo is not bad at all!
So far there's no clear specs and it sounds like its running an Atom 1.6 like all the other netbooks out there.

I saw this in urban dictionary and thought it was pretty funny.

To follow the whole story, nobody does it better:

I'm trying to make a list of reasons NOT to pre-order one...