a legacy in its own right...

So I was one of the few people who braved the rain last night to stay up late on a school night to check out one of the most anticipated movie of this year. the 12:15am showing had about 60% capacity full. It was Real D 3-D but not IMAX.  

So I wanted to say that this movie was the long awaited sequel.. but its not kinda really... is it? a 28 year gap doesn't really make this movie the sequel.. but I guess on a timeline, this movie takes place after the original and the son is all grown up.. yea its a sequel.  

I hate spoilers when it comes to movies so I'll make this as spoil-free as possible. Using analogies from other popular movies that every's seen before.

What is the formula for this dictated success? Actor from original movie?, check, awesome special effects?, check, overwhelmingly awesome soundtrack?, check, a random cast of not super famous A-list actors?, check. Can't miss movie of the Christmas season?, you'd think this movie has all the formula for a smash hit.. well it does..in parts.  

I'd like to think of this movie as a "best sci-fi opera/musical" movie ever.   Its like.. Wall Street: Money never sleeps. Father leaves, father returns, son's all grown up, cue drama. Oh and there's Ducatis in the movie.  

Yes there are parts of the movie that are somewhat geeky, and also there are throw back lines to the original as well.  As a sum of its parts, its a good 3-D movie, a decent sci-fi film.  To me, it almost felt like it was a re-boot of the original.  The overall story of the movie was simple. Just like the original in the 80s.  The eye and ear candy alone was worth the price of admission into the theater.  If you're not a fan of 3-D movies, watch it in 2-D.  You won't miss anything you would like anyways. I personally thought it was worth seeing it at least once in 3-D.  Sort of like Cameron's Avatar. To enjoy the movie they intended you to in the first place. There were a couple cheese 3-D moments where things fly out at you, but what 3-D movie doesn't have that right? So turn off the lights, turn off your brain, unclog your ears and pry open your eyes. You'll enjoy this film. And yes, you should buy the soundtrack because its by Daft Punk.