23 days later...

According to Steve Jobs, its magical and revolutionary.

But what is it to you? The consumer who starved for a month to save up enough laundry change to buy this beautiful slab of wonder.  It seems that the hype is still around but slowly being over shadowed by the memory leaks and expensive apps.  More on the apps later. So the iPad is supposidly magical.  Does it do anything that your current devices and appliences dont already do? Yes and no. Its currently the only way for you to access the iBookstore at the moment. At least until this summer when the iPhone 4.0 update comes out.  Then you would really be asking yourself why you're reading books on such a tiny screen(iPhone)  That would be the moment you realize that you need a bigger device like the iPad and go out and buy one. Apple wins.  It doesnt multi-task at the moment, so it can't replace a textbook or laptop for students.  But it will later this fall. So until then, this is the device that's the jack of all trades. (as long as you're doing one trade at a time.)

This was all before I got my 1 week trial of the company iPad.

At this point, you're probably thinking to yourself, he's writing his review on the iPad to make a point about how useful it is. But I'm not writing it on the iPad.  I am although watching Julie and Julia instantly streaming from NetFlix. Yet I'm not streaming from the iPad.  Frankly I tried to finish this post with the iPad. But I couldn't because for some reason, it wouldn't let me select the body of the blogger page, even though I can edit the Title and Labels.  So now I'm back, on the sofa, with the movie streaming on my PS3, porjected on my wall using my Sanyo HD projector.  The iPad is sitting on my bed... just sitting there... in its peaceful state of stand-by.  So what have I learned in the past 4 days of using this magical device?  Not much that you've already know.  The device does everything Apple advertises and more.  You can feel and envision all the functionalities that's still not unleashed behind the glass display.  

Okay, what did I do with it? I used it as much as I can.  What did I use it for? Well, its not powerful enough to do anything I do at work beside email. So I did email on it and it handled email just fine. It browses the web just fine. Besides the obvious Flash handicap, you'd be surprised at how many websites it handles well (and not so well) So by now I'm thinking, what would compell anyone to buy this?  To quote myself

Apple users who have an iTunes account...
who has an iPhone or iPod Touch...
I still stand by what I said about the iPhone or iPod Touch user being the iPad audience. These users, myself included, dreams of the day when I can just stand in front of a transparant computer display and touch everything a-la Minority Report style. You won't be able to solve any crimes that have yet to happen with the iPad, but you could have lots of fun with Plants VS Zombies HD. (Don't get me started on the HD naming convention in the iPad store..)  You could pretend like you're in 2054 and you work for the Pre-Crime unit.. killing zombies before they get through the back door of your house and eat your braiiinnnzz. 
For touchy games, Nintendo wish they made the iPad, there's no denying that the large touch screen trumps the dual small screen of the DSi or DSi LL for that matter. Its way more useful and easier to use than the iPod Touch.

I paused and reflected on my week with the iPad.  Thinking about the time I've spent with it, I came to the realization that it might not be as magical as Steve puts it.

This is the part where I go though all the Cons of the device. But in no perticular order nor in a list form.  Its too heavy. Yes its built like a tank, yes its smaller than a laptop (most laptop).
I guess at this point of my post, it feels like I'm just dragging my feet through the mud.  I can't really say what I'd come in conclusion in my review. We all know that this is an luxury item. An unnecessary appliance in the world of mobile computing.  Will I buy this? Yes of course. When? I really can't say.  Its a good first iteration. A good first real stab at touch based computing.  Much better than the UMPC I'm currently using to write this blog.  I can see why David Pogue was so split on his review of the iPad. There's just no way around this.. Its a love hate relationship that'll get better when the 3rd generation comes along...just like the iPhone.. Which brings me to another reason why I'm waiting.. the upcoming iPhone 4G.

I'm gonna stick it out for a couple more months and see how the new iPhone 4G is. Then decide if I wanna leave the iPhone for the iPad 3G... Can I handle a man bag on a daily basis.. only time will tell..