Thank you Steve

Steve on his BMW

My letter to Steve

I'm writing this post in the wake of Apple's announcement of Steve's passing. It's still sinking in for me at this point. I'm writing this post on my iPad 2.

Dear Mr Jobs,

I would like to express my gratitude on all that you've done for us. From the Macintosh to the iPhone to the iPad, you have evolved personal computing on a historical level that few have achieved before. I'm sure you get letters like this all the time. I just wanted to assure you that even the "Apple haters" out there appreciate what you've done to promote innovation and competition. You've touched our lives at the work place and at home. I have not felt sorrow like this since 9/11(and 3/11) and it still amazes me that a single person's vision could change the entire industry single handedly. We love you and we will forever carry your legacy in our back packs, brief cases, pockets, in our hearts and wear it on our wrist like a watch.

Thank you Steve,


-Tony Wang