i like the iPad too

I finally made a trip down the street to the local Apple store yesterday to experience the iPad 2.  Its everything Apple tell you in the commercial and less.  Thinner, slightly lighter, a lot faster, and strangely much more attractive, due to the choice of white as well as the 10 strong magnets in the iPad 2 itself.  Oh the crappy cameras are way crappier than you’d expect. Remembering my first colored display camera phone, the Motorola t720. Ah the good old days of attaching the camera to the phone when you want to use it.  I don’t remember what I did with those photos. They were so low-res that I kept them on the phone and never bothered to download them to a PC.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that unless you’re using the iPad 2′s camera to replace a camera phone from 2002, don’t bother using it as a camera. Focus on the good, the fact that it takes 720P video. And nothing more and nothing less.  Its really not Apple’s fault that they design with form over function.  I knew someone who worked at Foxconn and how Apple does their development is the following. The cost for the parts are the same, the design for the package is smaller and thinner, we don’t want to spend anymore money than before, now go and make it fit.  That explains the use of iPod Touch cameras on the iPad2. The only way to keep the cost down while making it fit into the thinner aluminum chassis.

My visit to the Apple store led me to the following conclusion.  People like apples because they used to give it to their favorite teachers. And now they’re in the Apple store. Touching all these pretty tablets that take crappy pictures.  I’ve never seen so many adults having fun with video games before.  The iPad 2 is great, better than the original, as long as you don’t take pictures.