First of the year

Happy New Year for all you Chinese people out there.
It's been too long since I updated this blog. All my time has been taken up with work. Either that or my rekindled passion with photography.
I got some new photo gears and I'm ready to build a stronger portfolio. Now I'm experimenting with MFT (micro four thirds) and I'm really digging using manual lenses. The Voigtlander Nokton 25MM 0.95 is really quite something else. It doesn't look impressive since it's so small but it's built like a tank and the 0.95 is crazy fast. I'll do a separate review on the lens after more use with it.

Still working on In Other News with Iyaz. It's a work in progress but not an official podcast. I'm pretty much almost in all the episodes of Before You Buy. The Nikon J1 was rushed together and took 5 times longer to edit than record. I need to storyboard the next camera review and really get on top of my reviews. I hope I get to review all the cameras that we get for BYB. My next victim just arrived, Nikon AW100 :)

What's my New Year resolutions? Be better at what I do in every aspect of my life. Work on my writing and blogging. I should really leave Twitter alone since it just doesn't promote or encourage any train of thoughts longer than 2 sentences.

Do I need a sign off? I should just end by stop writing...

Here's the full review of the Nikon J1