RIM's BlackBerry 10 Dead On Arrival

Sooooo I was listening to Tech News Today last week and BlackBerry was mentioned and it got me thinking about the future of RIM's newest "upcoming" OS. 

I'm gonna make it short and quick for RIM on why it's gonna fail... purely based on the calendar. 

-Samsung announcements at IFA 2012
-Nokia and Microsoft announcement on new devices
-Apple announcement on new iOS devices

-New iOS devices released
-New Windows Phone 8 devices released

We have all 3 major mobile players announcing and releasing devices the last quarter of 2012. 
RIM is saving it's BBX for the beginning of next year.  A couple months doesn't sound that far behind the competition right? Wrong. The majority of these devices are phones and all the customers will be tied up in a 1-2 year contract before they even think about upgrading or buying into another operating and eco system. 
So an iPhone 5 user will be thinking about doing an upgrade sometime in 2013 or 2014.

So if I pass on the new "iPhone 5", and pass on the new Galaxy Note II, AND pass on the new Nokia Windows Phone 8s, I might just be stupid enough to buy a BlackBerry 10 phone. 
So there you have it folks, BlackBerry 10 is stillborn.