What's LG doing? Besides making panels for Apple?

So I'm a huge phone geek since my first smart phone Nokia 3650. Through the Windows Mobile 6 days when HTC was an oem making phones for Cingular. And now I'm on an LG phone again. I love my old Nexus 4 and now the LG G Flex 2. But now looking for my next phone, I'm in a predicament. I would love to stick with LG and get a G Flex 3. But it looks like LG will not continue with the Flex line. Since the Flex 2's release over a year ago, there's still no rumor or signs of the G Flex 3. Just like Samsung, LG makes wonderful AMOLED for their tv and phone, until now.

I was doing my research recently and noticed that the last high end flagship phones released by LG has LCD instead of LED. What's going on with LG? Is there a shortage of supply? Why is the V10 and G5 both missing AMOLED? Do I have to leave my beloved Flex 2 and go to Samsung again? I recon LG is making panels for the next iPhone and that's why they've removed LED displays from their current lineup.  With poor built quality and average performance, I really have to take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. A phone to my surprise, has yet to have an negative review that I have come across online.